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EF #27 – Habit You Wish to Change in Life

Baby Napping

Sleeping is one of the most delightful things to do. Thank God I have no trouble either sleeping, or waking up.

I am a morning person. My body clock will automatically wake me up at 6 or 7, everyday. Yeah, EVERYDAY. Even when the alarm hasn’t ring the bell. Even when I sleep at 3 am. Even when I sleep at 12. Even when I sleep at 9. Count the Sunday. Count the holiday.

It’s such and errg moment when I have my consciousness awakes me at 7, only 4 hours after I had a very long night before. “Why don’t you just take some more hours to sleep because this is one of those days you can start with no rush?” I often talk to myself this way, as she will follow my command right after.

When this happens, I have two options to choose.

First, to stick my body on the bed, so that I can fall asleep again though I know that I will wake up to headache for sleeping at the day (the reason why I also don’t do an afternoon nap).
Second, I will get off of the bed and start the day. Go reading some books, watching some movies, go buying some cakes or snacks to eat, cleaning up the room, playing some good music, or sending text to some friends to ask them out which they mostly will reply after 1 pm because it’s holiday.

I often think if I might twist this habit, my days-off will be better spent and more beautiful. Therefore I envy those who can wake up at 10 or 12, enjoying their lazy holiday.

How about your sleeping habit? Is that possible to do the change?

PS : Oh I forgot when was the last time I make a post for BEC until Ryan sent me a message. Soooo sorry, Ryan. I’d do better next time with the post! *promise* 🙂

0 thoughts on “EF #27 – Habit You Wish to Change in Life

  1. Febriyan Lukito

    Hahaha. You need to note also that I reminded you? LoL.

    I feel you Vin. I used to sleep for about 3/4 hours also before. If you ask me, can we change, of course we can.
    Hopefully you can change it right away. Cos it is not good for health

    1. vinnydubidu

      Sure I noted you at the first place. None of this post exist until you remind me. Haha.

      Yeah. Just think about the health. What to change is to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.

      1. Febriyan Lukito

        Hopefully we all be able to do it Vin.

  2. Gara

    To be honest, I prefer if my body has a fixed “clock” just like you–so I don’t have to worry about chances for waking up late, as my body would always waken itself up on such designated hours :hehe. I have to set the alarm for those hours should I sleep above 10.30 pm :hehe. I think you could change it, first by forcing your body to sleep for 7–8 hours, whenever time you start sleeping. At first there may be some resistances, but for the long term I think that should work.

    1. vinnydubidu

      Yes should give a try. I think asking my body to sleep earlier is better the to wake up late in the morning for the sake of 7 hours rest.

      And for you, I’ve seen a tips to wake up earlier. It’s by suggesting yourself before you off to bed that ‘I have to wake up early tomorrow’, for few times. It’s like convincing your mind and body to work at the same goal. Perhaps you can give a try. Hehe. Good luck!

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