Kicking Off the Day!

Celebrating a birthday could be fun when you can think of all the blessings you get in one year time. It could also be a gratitude when you count on how many joys you have over the few small (or big) stones you gotta kick. As for this year, I choose to feel good, and be good.

This might be just another Sunday, or a day as the other ordinary days.

But, still, buddy!

Let’s take a birthday as a day to remember all blessings we have in one year time as I said earlier.

We lived most of our time working, studying, mumbling, about what we through a day. So, let today be the DAY to see how good the days you have by now.

Let it be a story to remember for the next days, weeks, months, ’til you’re getting to call a day in a year ahead, when you have to recall this all over again.

Thank you for the long awaiting companion from 11 to almost 12 ’til I almost fall a slept while watching Carrie on the screen. And a day with non-stop Sushi supplies! 

Thank you for all the wishes sent over FB, Path, or personal messages. 

Happy to call it A Great Day! 




(Wildest) dreamer

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