What Emotion Do We Live In?


Do you remember how did this all begin?

When = and ) means smile,
When = and ( means sad,
When ! means angry,
When ?? means hardly wondering (what are you talking about I can’t get any single thing you said?) or probably scolding,
When THIS means angry,
When hahaha means a happy,
When thumb means like, means people agreed to what you’re saying,
When that red heart means love, means people get what you’re thinking of, or could be… they’re care or in love… to what you’re feeling.

When do this whole emoticons created by people, showed at your smartphone, be that matter?
Messing up your day?
Turning off your mood?
Or boosting up your thoughts?

I remember this all began 3 or 4 yours ago when technology starts taking all the communication we have with our partners.
Then all hi-tech applications brings super different approach for the human to human relationship.

You feel comfortable talking on the phone, staring at the screen, rather than talking face to face.
You feel sad just reading a message, hearing a voice, drawing your own play all just in your head.
You have  a chance to meet but you prefer to hang on your phone instead.
You get a space to talk but you’re more comfortable to stay quite.

Am missing the old talking time. 
Without any technology presence, but a person with a real voice, and a real laugh.

9 thoughts on “What Emotion Do We Live In?

  1. Smartphones make the near one far and the far one near, they said :hehe. I remember watching Gary Turk’s video about this, that one was so deep. I think you should watch it, too.


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