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Somewhere Quiet in Center Park

Lately this afternoon, I walked myself down to one of the hippest shopping malls in West Jakarta. Yes, you get me right! Central Park.

Once I arrived, I was so overwhelmed by how crowd the people are. Children to grannies, young couple to family, loner to groupies, it’s like everybody’s coming to this place. There I started to have a… headache.

I have prepared myself to sit somewhere, either to work some stuffs or just watching some series at the coffee shop. Well, as you may noticed at the beginning, considering how crowd the mass, it’s hardly possible to have a seat at coffee shop. Let alone, as the one I’ve planned, Starbucks.

Then, I saw this restaurant which I’ve passed by several times I come. Hong Kong Cafe. It was located right in front of Starbucks floor 1. First seeing this cafe, you might think that it’s a fancy one. And turns out, it’s not. When I came, around 3 pm, the guest weren’t that much. So, everything feels so good. Huge cafe with less guest, what can you expect for more? (unless you’re the boss =p)


Black Pepper Fried Rice – 51k *

As a drink, I ordered Popular Honey Lemon (Hot) which was too sweet for me. Waiter said that it was honey, not sugar. So, for the second cup I ordered, I asked him to serve the honey in one other cup.

Well, honestly, I’m not about to review this cafe. I just want to tell you how happy I am to find this peaceful and cozy yet big cafe shop with an affordable price among this huge crowd of a typical Sunday shopping mall.

So, if one day you’re at my moment and suddenly looking for something fresh outside your room, mingling at the shopping mall but without the screams or high pitch laugh, this might be a choice for you to hop in!



Happy Sunday!


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  1. Arman

    Central park bukannya di west jakarta ya? 😀

    1. vinnydubidu

      Bener, Kak. Ini yang ngetik pasti lagi celeng kemarin masa’ CP pindah ke utara. Hahaha.

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