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Midweek Wisdom

Sometimes (or most of the times), life leaves you no choice but to keep walking. If a burden is chasing you forward, then you have no choice but to keep running. If a typhoon is attacking you at the upfront, then you have no choice but to keep running, backward, unless you want to kiss the storm.

Seeing my friends, family, and my own life, I try to accept that life is never about quitting. It’s about fighting though you feel like dying, about smiling when your eyes feel like crying, about believing when everything seems like nothing. As the world, the sun and the moon, the earth, life is moving, and so you are.

Life isn’t about wanting the past so bad. It’s about being graceful for the present, and the decision to have a better tomorrow.

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  1. Lorraine

    Life is about being here and now. Good reminder Vin.

  2. nyonyasepatu

    Suka paragraph terakhir Vin, bagus bgt

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