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Life When Weekend is Coming 

Thursday to Friday or Friday to Saturday night are the best moment to think. The time when you are off to bed, sleepy, but yet not wanting to turn your phone to sleep mode.

What to think? A lot. Think of the past, present, and future. Or, you may said, most of the time it’s the past. Especially for the singles or those who are still hard to work on the status *cheers*.

In those nights between, your mind could bit uncontrollable and unreliable. You go grumpy, witty, moody, etc. 

You do what you don’t wanna do,

You said that you don’t wanna say, 

You act as someone that you never wanna be, or…

You think you know but you have no idea. 

A night before weekend is one of the most challenging nights in 7 days.

However, embrace the mistakes, see the fault, live the flow, and be better next times. 

You’ll be good because there will come another Monday. 


Anyhow, I thank universe I had fun night yesterday with colleagues. And here comes the short video before all the ping pong games start. 

Hope you also have fun​ guys! 

[wpvideo yhuPSkZa]​

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