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A Day to Celebrate

7 September 2016. Let’s call this a day of celebration.


Is celebrating his birthday today. He celebrates his day in joy, with his beloved wife, 5 healthy and cute kiddies, at his lovely home with a tumpeng delivered to his place.

He might not say he is success yet, no he has not. But I know how much he has been struggling for his dream in career and family. And that he finally gets them all today, my happiest wish goes to him. Happy birthday, brother! Success is when you live happily with what and who you love. So, let’s consider if you are.

Another brother… 

Is also having a grateful day this September 7. After long years of trying, he finally gets it! The application is finally approved… after over 10 years of effort, I think. I know how much he has wished for this day to come. The hope, the efforts, the intense prayings…

Hey, brother! I am a proud sister. Proud of you. Cheers!


This is my friend. The one I knew 5 years ago. She was my colleague, who turned to friend, to travel buddy. I travelled once with her. A short travel, a week plan, but I am eager to say it was one of my best vacations. Quality travelling, if you want to say so.

She has many uniqueness others don’t have. She keeps that “wrecked me” book and does all the strange instructions. She send her friends new year postcard. “I feel sorry for the postman who have less orders these recent years because we no longer send a mail,” she answered me.  She typed the letter. Yeah, literally typed it with manual typing machine, and of course using that post stamp as well.

She has a big dream to study a master in the field of journalist. She keeps her dream in mind, and set a path to that place. As for this, she is super strong and never quits no matter what.

Now Christine is there, London. Her second time. Her belief and hard works, I believe, are what take her there. Glad to see you’re back to that place, Itin!

Thank you for you three, 

For giving me a chance to see what I see today,

A moment to believe that big dream is never a mistake. 

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