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Almost Forgotten

Be grateful for the freedoms you have…


The freedom to sleep in peace without bothering the sound of people fighting,
The freedom to breathe, without the needs to worry of the polluted air caused by the forest fires,
The freedom to wake up for the birds’ tweets or chicken who sings out their morning song,
The freedom to hang out with your friends, the ones who never complain on your silly and boring stories, but keep laughing on your not-funny jokes (before telling you that your jokes ain’t funny at all),
The freedom to love the one you love, or to stay with the one you’re craving to meet because you have tons of stories to share, and to leave the one whom you’re uncomfortable with,
The freedom to work the career you want, what you dreamed since you’re child or back when you were in the university,
The freedom to walk the path you love,
The freedom to strive all challenges you have,
The freedom for choosing the life you want, instead of living what other want.

Be thankful for whatever you have,
As for whatever they are, they must have left you a small space of freedom.

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