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Night with The Candle Light

What if your best silence is not the night that doesn’t rain, the space without a noise, and Norah Jones. What if your silence is the crowd, the scream, or Linkin Park?

What if your best relax hour isn’t by lying down the grass, staring at the stars, slipping through the pillow. What if mid day, when you have your brain think and your hand work like every second is Monday, is the time you enjoy the most?

What if your happiness isn’t the comedy show, the anecdotes, the jokes, or the stand up comedians. What if the satire story, the mess, the confusing people, are the sources of you ear to ear smile?

What if you choose to live your life going left and right?

What if you prefer to sleep later than others?

What if you love to work your eyes off to midnight?

What if what you like is considered as a suffering to others?

Would you still consider it happiness?

Do you think it will last?

I think you might need some sleep. 

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