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She’s Getting Hitched!

The idea of committing a life with your partner (or what the society called “marriage”) can easily frightened me. Thus, deep bow to those who finally get that stage after whatever things happen in their relationship life, like two of my best friends. 

Every time I went to wedding receptions, my eyes ball fall to the bride’s eyes and smile. How she sees the guests, how she greets them, how she smiles, how happy she is. I witnessed some brides didn’t look that relax when greeting the guests. I didn’t know whether it’s the heels, the gown, the crown, or all the items worn on her body. But, somehow, I just felt that there’s something burdening them from their eyes and smiles. *sotoy.

However, there were other times also when I was at a wedding where both bride and groom look tremendously happy. Though the pain over high heels has been killing the brides for over 8 hours, the sincere smile was there. One of them was at Lauren’s wedding, 2 year ago.

Then, today. That moment come again.. 

“I ain’t that sync yet”, said she. I have no idea what the sync referred to. But, from her eyes to smile, I can say that she was totally happy. Not to mention the groom. Both were fantastic. And again, I am so happy for them.

As what happened to Lauren’s wedding, where I shed my tears when her mom was whispering her something before leaving the party, there was a second when same thing almost happened this time. But, yeah, it’s just almost. I blocked the tears like an expert! 😀

Dear Ilia, you look so pretty today. You both look great and fit each other perfectly. Hopefully this would be a good start for your journey ahead. I hope you’ll synced up soon. Whenever you need me, please place a call and I’ll be ready to talk over another slice of red velvet and a cup of coffee. Eh, have I told you that I am so happy for you? 🙂 



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