I Thank 28!

I thank this year for giving me such precious experiences in work, friendship, and community.
I thank this year for giving me a humble life and thoughtful mind to go through whatever obstacles that come pass by.
I thank this year for allowing me to meet many new friends, new colleagues, new teams.
I thank this year for granting me another great year to spend with my family (though the feeling of missing Dad still strikes today).
I thank this year for making me awake and spend a night before my new year with a sincere night prayer.
I thank this year for making me complete for I can do things with all senses I have, which hopefully will bring value to others.
I thank this year for letting me stay among blissful environment and companion.
I thank this year for that among all not-so-good things that happen to come, good things still win the first place. Thank you.

For whatever things stop by,
For whatever have left,
For whoever that leave,
For whoever that come and accompany,
I sincerely thank you all.

Nothing special out of today. It is still another Tuesday, another 18, another October. It’s the same as another 364 days you spent before.

If you want to make it a bit more special, just take the moment to reflect any good thing that come to you for the last 12 months. Bad things sure happened and will keep on happening. But, do believe that those are lessons to learn, and experiences to witness. Take the moment of your birthday as a start of the more positive and encouraging year…

Before today next year, greets you again.

Cheers to all human being who are celebrating their DAY!

Author: vinnydubidu

A girl who falls in love to inspiring stories, especially women's. A girl who believes that everyone has the same right to live and be respected. Just so you know, Carrie Bradshaw is her long time muse.

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