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The Eyes, Not The Phone

Let’s say thank you to smartphone, any messenger application, good internet connection, which have taken down all the barriers in communication.

People no longer need to feel they are apart because of the Whatsapp, Line video call, Skype, and you name it. Those who live at a small town don’t need to worry of missing any new information for the secondly-updated news on the website. We no longer got left behind of any new innovation in make up, hair do, fashion, gadget, and whatever comes from the America, Europe, India, or anywhere else.

However, what has connected us also has turned to something that makes us apart. People at a dinner no longer talked to each other for phone screen is way more interested than person with eyes, ears, nose, and voice. Young couple at the cute cafe feel way more comfortable to stare at the phone rather than stare at each other foods (or each other’s eyes?).

Well, this is just simply post about how I miss the old days when I could talk to the person closely without them being so busy and distracted with the phone. Also how I appreciate person who can keep away their phones, when somebody’s around.

Put your phone away, please…

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