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Overtime Alert

Sometimes a question doesn’t need an answer, 

As when you see illogical things that is probably logic,
As when you meet persons unreal but real,
As when you find enemies which set you in between love and hate relationship,
As when you buy the greasy fried chicken with the best flavor in town,
As when you find a beauty spot which lies at the edge of the cities,
As when you work a job that takes away 12 hours a day of yours yet you add another one hour each Saturday and Sunday,
As when you study a major that hardly anybody wants but you,
As when you meet a girl you think you love but you don’t know who,
Or as when you meet a man that you think will be your last but turns out to be your first.

Sometimes it’s better to just see, witness, feel, and let your mind goes with the flow.

As for each thing that happens for a reason and as the part of your misunderstanding towards everything, they are still part of the things that just happen for their reasons.

Live it.

Jakarta, 24 November 2016

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  1. dani

    and hopefully everything will be alright…

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