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The (Actually) Love Letter 

We, girl, are not born as a cheap talker,

Even if we do one, it’s probably the nerve or simply to fulfil the guts to talk to you. 

We, girl, are not born heartless, 

Even if we seem like one, it’s the pain that lies beneath. It’s our auto immune to protect the heart and mind from another heartbreak. 

We, girl, are not born a cheater, 

We love to feel special and so to our partners. Now if we become a cheater, it’s simply because we don’t feel special anymore, to you. We find no way to word it out. That’s how we cheat.

We, girl, are born as a lover.

Yes we fall in love easily. Yes we like easily, and have a crush in hours. Yes we love to see a handsome guy, just like you love staring at the pretty woman who walks pass by. 

If we love, we love genuenily, because we know you’re worth it. If we love, we love you truly, no matter how good or bad you are. If we love, we’d gladly work things out with you because we know you’re worth waiting, and we are worth fighting for. 

Now if you can’t accept the fact of we, girl, are born not as a cheap talker, heartless, cheater, but lover, then probably you are not our man. Yet. 

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  1. Ditaa

    Huhuuyyy… Hangat hati ini rasanya pas tau Love Actually mau ada sequelnya. Tapi terus merindukan Alan Rickman sangaatttt…

  2. mysukmana

    Cinta sejati pokoknya

    1. vinnydubidu

      Haha iya kali mas ya 😀

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