Weekend Mission

  1. Wake up at 9 am
  2. Laying down the bed till 12 pm
  3. Take a shower till 1 pm or take 30 minutes swimming 
  4. Ordering Go-Food
  5. Finish brunch at 2 pm 
  6. Get prepared to leave home 
  7. Seeing friend at 3 pm 
  8. Chit-chat, strolling around few coffee shops 
  9. Dinner at 7 pm 
  10. Movie till 10 pm 
  11. Supper 
  12. Go home

Have a great weekend!  

Author: vinnydubidu

A girl who falls in love to inspiring stories, especially women's. A girl who believes that everyone has the same right to live and be respected. Just so you know, Carrie Bradshaw is her long time muse.

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