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Those Who Travel…

… are the richest! 

Few friends of mine are having their trips now. Some for work, some for vacation. Some abroad, some local.

Seeing their pictures on Instagram and Facebook makes me think of “how lucky they are to be able to travel”, especially when everyone (and me alone) have to sit quiet and nicely on their desks working on the daily work stuffs. :).

However, being able to travel is such a precious moment. Those who travel a lot are the richest. 

Travelling is not about going abroad or taking a cool picture with a Windows Explorer look-a-like wallpaper or fancy places.
Travelling is not about having a party or wasting tons of money shopping.
Travelling is not about bringing packs of merchandise to give away to your friends once you’re back to the home town.

Travelling is about a journey you spend your create while driving down the road, seeing the sky when you’re in the plan, enjoying the greenfields when you’re in train, or reminiscing all days you have back before you finally make the journey.

That’s how you’re enriched from the travelling.

I wish I’ll be that rich someday, for being able to travel that much.

Happy travelling, fellas! 

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