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3 Years Now

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That was one big nice room. Felt so cozy with the white and yellow light interior. Looked like a ballroom in a fairly size.

Foods were everywhere. Desserts were served non stop. Drinks, candies, snacks, all you need to chew for a party or gathering, were there.

People were talking to each other. Everyone must be so happy though there was no any voice I could hear. But judging from how I felt, men, women, everyone were all happy because of either the nice room, tasty foods, or the person they were talking to.

And you were there. As usual. It was not that I could hear what you said or how you looked, but I was so sure that you were so happy yourself. Your smile and typical loud voice were there when you talked to your friend, felt so loud. What was the topic this time? Politics, China, family, food? I know you had lots in mind to keep the chat interesting. You were the best at that.


Now you sat at that couch. Staring at the thing in front of you. I didn’t know what that was. From the place I sat, I could only see your right side. You had things in your mind that kept you smile.

I was there, sitting in a bench, with my other four in a row. I didn’t know if they noticed that you were there. I knew you were. You said nothing. You were just there. The light around you said it loud that you were fine, you were happy. That you’d like us to know that you were doing good, maybe that’s what you wanted to say.


I hadn’t got a chance to talk to you, too bad. But even so, I was happy to see you last night. I also have lots of thing to share…


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    Nice meeting room yess

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