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If you’re sitting here at the airport, seeing a girl in white sitting in a messy look, a wet hair, and not so good mood, go talk to her.

She’s deeply sad for wanting something she couldn’t have. For overwhelmed reasons which are actually landed to one and only thing, and that’s it. That one thing can no longer be just one because others are big and trusted as their presence are strong enough to replace that ‘one’. But no, it’s really just that one.

That girl you’re seeing is in pain for not being able to say things. To mention that the one thing is just that one, others are not even a part of it.

That girl has been planning her life for awhile, knowing that this day could come, but just not today. Or at least this day will come in more elegant way. Not in a miserable way where 1 is misconcepted as 3, black is misread as grey.

If you’re seeing that girl is around you, go talk to her. Introduce yourself. Say something nice. Remind her that the sky is enormously beauty these recent days. Tell her that life is hard, but it’s also beautiful.

If you’re seeing a girl who looked like that girl who sits next to you, tell her that she’s strong, she’ll be okay, and always be okay.

As she is always be.

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  1. Ira

    you’ll be okay….this too shall pass…

    1. vinnydubidu

      Thanks Ira 🙂

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