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Journey to Carrie

2006, a friend told me about Sex and the City series. Being clueless about the series, and handed over a bunch of files for the complete season, I started my very first episode in my small room, lies next to the campus.

2007, started collecting Sex and The City, especially Carrie’s wallpaper, saved it to my Blackberry phone, put it as a phone wallpaper or sometimes for my BBM profile picture.

2009, moved to another city, had a group of 4 other girl friends. We hang out a lot on weekend and I told them : This is how Carrie do it with her girls. You are Charlotte, Samantha, Miranda, and I am the Carrie.

2010, a thesis title submission. Sex and The City Movie 2 was out. I put the it as one of my topic proposals. It was approved.

2010, relayouting the room so I could put my table facing the window. Only that my window faced nothing like a city light or skyline but a small alley before the wall and a tall banana tree. Lol. Got so pumped up to complete the thesis.

2011, my thesis about how Sex and The City Movies affected fashion design students creative idea went well. Got A- for the subject. Not bad.

2012, started my job as a journalist, part time writer, and blogger. The last two are still happening, to today.

2012-2019, roller coaster (love) started. Always ended up with me re-watching Carrie from any episode (especially Season 3 and 4) before bed. Then I am ready to run the world again.


By the time you read this, hopefully I have landed the city safe and sound, settling down all the unsensible imagination I had for years, crossing all the itinerary list, feeling very alive, feeling very happy.

Wish me a smooth journey.

Happy holiday, happy new year!


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