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Dear New York City

Dear New York City, 

Thanks for the very nice weather. 

Thanks for the lovely Central Park. 

Thanks for being so gentle and subtle. 

Thanks for being a great movie set, just like what all Americans say. 

Thanks for really being a city of light, a real picture of what Alicia Keys and Jay Z write in their song. 

Thanks for giving a sizable pedestrian and walking path. I love how every morning I woke up to that. Also the clear blue sky. I love it. It stays in my head.

Thanks for the 24 hours subway. Well, sometimes it’s confusing and frightening, but it took me travel the city remarkably. 

Thanks for building many great museums, libraries, and public places, and turn all these educational places into a very exciting stop. 

Thanks for securing Times Square during New Year’s Eve. Now I‘m letting my backpack away. I hope it goes to someone who needs it. 

Thanks for welcoming me and million of tourists for the vacation. 

Dear New York City,

Thanks for fulfilling my long time dream beyond what I expected. 

Thanks for showing that love, hope, even despair, worth a place in this world. 

Thanks for showing that whatever trouble we have, has nothing to do with the way to live our life to the fullest. 

Thanks for reminding me that every human being deserves to hope and dream, despite the gender, color, religion, nationality, and everything.

Dear New York City, 

It’s been a great pleasure meeting you.

I’m so happy that you’re exist.

So long. See you. 

7 thoughts on “Dear New York City

  1. Ditaa

    What a sweet letter to New York City. I hope you come back :*

    1. vinnydubidu

      Thanks, Ditaa! Will do *fingercrossed*

  2. Encep_Cahyana (@paganpoetry66)

    Sempet nonton teater musikal gak vin ? terus bener gak sih lubang gorong-gorong jalan mengeluarkan asap kayak di film

    1. vinnydubidu

      Nonton! Detilnya di tulisan baru. Hihi. Iya Ncep, bener. Gorong2nya mengeluarkan asap, katanya itu uap, bukan asap. Mungkin uap dari heater di dalam gedung (mungkin loh ya). Ngomong2, lucu banget pertanyaan lu, Ncep. Lol.

      1. Encep_Cahyana (@paganpoetry66)

        Yeah gw tunggu tulisannya , iya vin gw penasaran di film kura kura ninja sama home alone kan kayak gitu gw kira cuma efek doang

  3. nyonyasepatu

    Huaaaaa ini yg aku rasa juga pas berkunjung ke NYC. Salah satu kota besar paling seru yaaa

    1. vinnydubidu

      Iya, Mbaa. Bikin pengen balik lg ngga? Haha.

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