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Until Next Year

Writing a blog these days feels a lot like hiking on a steep hill. It’s tough, hard, and ugh, not fun at all. At least for me. Even wanting to write something nice before 2020 really ends, brought me nowhere for weeks.

But, it seems like the universe knows I need someone to kick my butt before 2020 ends. Today, that ‘someone’ was Mira. Just this morning, I woke up to Mira’s text on my Whatsapp. 2 images with a text said : for your year end writing inspiration. Thanks, Mir!

See! Universe doesn’t just conspire. She takes initiative, sometimes!

Okay, that’s a lot of things to reflect on. I won’t answer everything here. However, combining all questions at once, taking 5 minutes to read and absorbing the questions, spending another 10 minutes to answer each, may lead me to this one thing:

Afterall, 2020 isn’t bad at all. At all.

6 out of those 18 questions are about bad/not so good things happened, that I wish to change or improve next year. Actually, it’s hard to answer. I, fortunately, didn’t have to face a very tough situation. I know some of my friends have to go through that very hard time. I have no idea what they really are going through, except knowing that it’s very tough. I’m on their backs and keep hoping that everything will be recovered soon. Thus, to have that chance to just do everything ‘normally’ according to this year standard of normal, are things that I don’t find as something bad at all. In short, nothing really bad happened until today, to me.

Isn’t it something I really need to be grateful for? Of course it is.

The remaining 12 questions, I think, are meant to make us to feel better about 2020. To think of our most favorite memories, who support us the most, what things we are proud of, what makes us grow, and few others questions, lead us to think and reflect to every little small thing that makes us feel good.

The more I think of it, the more I know that I have made many good memories this 2020. I unexpectedly meet many good people. I am proud of many things I’ve achieved, small, medium, to a pretty sizeable ones. I feel that I’m growing to a better direction (physically and mentally).

So, yes, I feel like I am given many opportunities, and good things this year, which deserve a thank you to the power I believe out there. The one beyond my own power. OR yes, thank you to the universe too.

Well, friends. I hope you are also having a nice thing to say for this year. It’s indeed a different year for all of us. We will spend the new year’s eve, and have spent many big celebrations, in a totally different way we ever expected. But, hopefully, depsite all differences that have happened, we still have that one thing we are happy and grateful for, to say ‘cheers‘ to 2020, either with a glass of wine, beers, lemon tea, or just a water.

Happy new year, everyone.

I wish you have a lovely day, night, and new year with your loved ones.

Stay healthy, stay happy.

Last but not least, hopefully we’ll have more unexpected happiness next year.

Dec 31, 2020

5 thoughts on “Until Next Year

  1. Ira

    Surprisingly, I feel the same with you. For me 2020 is also not bad at all.
    Happy new year too Vin!

    1. vinnydubidu

      Happy new year, Iraa! Semoga 2021 lebih baik yaaaa.

      1. Ira

        aamiin Vin!!

  2. Ditaa

    Happy New Year Vinny! Semoga 2021 membawa yang baik-baik yaaa…

    1. vinnydubidu

      Happy New Year juga, Dita! Aminn. Semoga membawa yang baik-baik untuk kamu juga, dan kita semua yaa 🙂

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