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Work-out From Home

Our ‘kind’ of WFH since April 2021.

The whole idea of this started when Maria and I started to have the ‘pandemic hangout’. By pandemic hangout, it means that we went to a quite restaurant, sat apart from other people, mask on when talking, mask off only when we’re eating. The other pandemic hangout we have is working out from home.

At first, we only worked out on Sunday. There is this one pretty nice public park in the city we live. We tried to get there before 6.30, to avoid people, and also the sunlight. Maria would bring her iPad and a portable speaker, then we looked for a quite spot where no one was around, we picked any easy workout video from Youtube, and finally did the 30 minutes workout. To make it more fun, we took a timelapse video for the whole 30 mins. If we felt like needing more sweat, we took a walk before/after the workout.

This program had happened for about 3-4 weeks in a row, until the virus started to frighten people. Again.

Then I talked to Maria about doing the workout from home instead. To do this, we could use the same way we did before, picking up any video from Youtube and timelapsing it. Only this time, we would do separately from our home. Also only this time, I would send the video to Maria by the end of the night, then Maria wil combine the video into one, adding a nice music, and sent it back to me. There you go, documentation video started to happen.

The new program then rolled. We get our turn to pick a video every other day. like before, we pick any video we want: yoga, pilates, barre, zumba, aerobic, walk from home, HIIT, low body workout, upper body workout. If you’re into Youtube video workout, you must know that all those videos come with a different music. We’re into music, so the music needs to be fun! This brings us to a very random kind of music for the video: India, African, South American, K-Pop, 90’s, 80’s, disco, house remix, basically any video with fun music. To keep everything on record and on track, Maria will compile her and my video everyday, and make 30-secs of a compilation video every 5 days. We have one and only rule for our program. It is : pick whatever you like!

When we first started doing this, we always texted each other in the morning after we did the workout: uch my hips hurt, my leg hurt, my arm feels like falling off of my shoulder. It’s just lots of rantings. Today, we barely said anything about that. For the first 4 weeks, we skipped Saturday and Sunday, because we thought of taking a rest on those two days. But then, we do it everyday, until today. We just twist to slighter workout on weekend. When Maria had to do the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) few months ago, she was out of breathe in the first 15 minutes of the session, she said. Now, she nailed the whole 30 mins in still a bit painful, but ended with a big smile!

Although we no longer complain about the post-workout-pain, our movements are far from perfect. We’re far from excelling the downward facing dog, abs exercise, warrior pose, or every hard move you could mention. We still complain sometimes when the workout is too hard and painful, or the music and music aren’t synced. But, all these things don’t bother us. It is still so fun to always have a 30 minutes of me-getting-sweat-time to wrap up the day. We then notice something. We are happy everytime we finish the workout. And, we have a better mood since we started doing this. High five to the endorphine jab!

Today, we are celebrating our 88 days of WFH! Yay!

Now, what about the weight? Do we lose any? I lose a bit, just a tiny bit of 2-3 kgs. It goes up and down every morning, but it has been a bit lower than my constant weight until 4 months ago. For this part, I believe the eating habit will affect more if I want to seriously lose weight. Because I haven’t done that (yet), I’m glad enough with the small progress I’ve made!


To finish this post, I’m gonna share some Youtube channels we always visit for the workout. Go check out if you like. And please do add any channel you love to visit. We’d love to hear your choices too!

Maria & Vinny’s WFH lists

When you’re in the mood to do a constant and easy move, with higher calories burnt, try one of these.
Zumba Sulu
Zumba Class

When you want to dance by a good music for the backsound, and a fun trainer, go with this one!
Mike Peele

For a medium hard exercise that trains your muscle (yoga, pilates, HIIT), give this a try.
Move with Nicole
Yoga with Kassandra

If you want to exercise with your brothers, sisters, parent, grandparent, this is your go-to-video.
Reps to the Rhythm
Walk at Home
Find any Berty Tilarso video in Youtube. It was so nostalgic, especially if we’re at the same age! (I haven’t found her own channel yet, please let me know if you know it.)


Happy WFH!

Our next workout plan. Namaste.

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  1. Ira

    Vinny….terima kasih buat link video-video workout youtubenya!!

    1. Vinny

      Sama-sama, Ira! Semoga sukaaa dan cocok yaa!

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