November 17

Eventually, everyone has its own way to survive, to climb the ladder to what they call "success", and own their weapons to beat the crap out of their life. I do get surprised and anxious recently seeing a person I feel like knowing so well, eventually take a path they unlikely took based on a... Continue Reading →

Niat Menjadi Produktif

Pas banget! Pas banget lagi kepikiran nulis tentang ini, lalu Mba Yoyen barusan ngepos tentang 9 productivity mistakes. Secara umum, tulisan Mba Yoyen berisi infografik yang mengajak kita untuk berefleksi tentang bagaimana kita menghabiskan menit-menit pertama di tempat kerja, apa yang kurang tepat dan perlu diperbaiki supaya kita jadi lebih produktif. Menarik. Bikin saya menyadari... Continue Reading →

Netflix | The Politician

Your life going off the rail is the best thing that could happen to you. Life isn’t a train. It’s a shit tornado full of gold. You don’t have to have a plan. You have to stay clean and grab every gold you can. - Georgina Hobart Sebagai pecinta film berbau POTUS dan White House seperti... Continue Reading →

Birthday Again!

17 October 2019, close to midnight. I had a close-to-perfect-birthday last year. Birthday cake, song, claps from over 20 persons in one nice big office when boss was not around, hugs from the loved one and loved ones, wrapped up in a quite success surprise after a long working day. And of course, the candle... Continue Reading →

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