Banjarmasin Guidebook

Say hi to my 9th month living in Banjarmasin. So far, there are many new things I find here. Some are exciting, some are kind of exhausting. But overall, this city has been pretty nice to me. If you happen to visit this city for a months of project, few hours or days to stop... Continue Reading →

First Day Being a Student in China

About a year and a half ago, I saw Maudy Ayunda's story in her Youtube about her life in Oxford back in 2016. I loved it very much. (It's long before she'll know and announced her dilemma over Harvard and Stanford just today). I'm not a fans, but her kind of story of her life,... Continue Reading →

First Day in Bangkok

It was one fine morning. After few hours of sleep, I finally got through my first night in Bangkok in peace. Though the flight arrived Bangkok past midnight the night before, I was glad that the room arranged for me was a nice one (clean and white). At least I could save some energy to... Continue Reading →

Would It Be?

Would life be better if we know the meaning of every person we meet? Would life be better if we know why every single thing around us happens? Would life be better if we know what we are walking toward to? Would life be better if we know when the sadness and joy will come?... Continue Reading →

Because We Are So Tiny

After living in a very diverse place for a while, few things come clear to me recently... Our world is super BIG and we're just this tiny little micro piece that flies around the air. Again, because our world is super BIG, you can't say yourself as the one who know everything because those references... Continue Reading →

Overtime Alert

Sometimes a question doesn't need an¬†answer,¬† As when you see illogical things that is probably logic, As when you meet persons unreal but real, As when you find enemies which set you in between love and hate relationship, As when you buy the greasy fried chicken with the best flavor in town, As when you... Continue Reading →

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