Banjarmasin Guidebook

Say hi to my 9th month living in Banjarmasin. So far, there are many new things I find here. Some are exciting, some are kind of exhausting. But overall, this city has been pretty nice to me. If you happen to visit this city for a months of project, few hours or days to stop... Continue Reading →

First Day Being a Student in China

About a year and a half ago, I saw Maudy Ayunda's story in her Youtube about her life in Oxford back in 2016. I loved it very much. (It's long before she'll know and announced her dilemma over Harvard and Stanford just today). I'm not a fans, but her kind of story of her life,... Continue Reading →

First Day in Bangkok

It was one fine morning. After few hours of sleep, I finally got through my first night in Bangkok in peace. Though the flight arrived Bangkok past midnight the night before, I was glad that the room arranged for me was a nice one (clean and white). At least I could save some energy to... Continue Reading →

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