it's close to the sunrise, so that i won't type much. my eyes is about to close within minutes. 7.9 ritcher scale earthquake occured in west Sumatera, Padang at the evening. its pretty shocked to see that earthquake seems to occured anywhere, anytime, without any confirmation (my lecture say that earthquake is the only thing... Continue Reading →

Happy Day 290909

today is FUN ! karena itu, harus dimuseumkan lewat tulisan. =) setelah sekian lama gue nggak pernah bisa punya waktu untuk jalan2 sama temen kampus, finally I got the chance today. Jalan2 ke GI. its very nice to mingle with them. lot of crazy stories, and u may call they as a kind of  'mad... Continue Reading →


i learn a lot to love. to love my friends. to love my nation. to love my country. to love my earth. to love the poor and the rich. to love the good and the bad. to love everybody, but me. but somehow at the moment i'm standing on right now. It’s just so hard... Continue Reading →

Weather forecast month 10

*sigh* i don't know why that i'm typing with this silly stupid face and smile. the chat. the plan. make me feel sooo good, and some other of my mind brought me up to the level called "happiness" which i even couldn't describe how does it feel in words. it drags me to the loop... Continue Reading →

Notting Hill

lets talked about music, movies, general issues, simple calculating of math, facebook, blackberry, my hometown, and so on. and i'm gonna be your good listener or respondents. but don't talk about heart, love, or even relationship. don't count me in. i'm worst in it! that's why i keep watching drama movie recently. instead of i... Continue Reading →

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