These what make me feel like living in hell (if you do believe in heaven and hell concept) - having no one to talk to - having no one to share (take and give) - having no one to listen - having nothing to do - having no strength - being weak and those are... Continue Reading →

‘tell me about you’

What a simply question, isn't it? Yeah these 4 words begin my interview today. My first interview. I answer this question fluenthly. No 'death air'. But right after I get out of that interviewing room, I recognized that my answer is just too silly. Too lamb. Meaningless. :(. "I'm vinny. Student of bla bla. I... Continue Reading →


Sorry for counting a second to meet A minute to talk An hour to listen A day to walk Those more than just useless. 'Cause by this moment, I discover that, this friendship is uncountable Though the most luxurious calculator ain't work at all! #inthenameoffriendship#

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