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EF #27 – Habit You Wish to Change in Life

Baby Napping

Sleeping is one of the most delightful things to do. Thank God I have no trouble either sleeping, or waking up.

I am a morning person. My body clock will automatically wake me up at 6 or 7, everyday. Yeah, EVERYDAY. Even when the alarm hasn’t ring the bell. Even when I sleep at 3 am. Even when I sleep at 12. Even when I sleep at 9. Count the Sunday. Count the holiday.

It’s such and errg moment when I have my consciousness awakes me at 7, only 4 hours after I had a very long night before. “Why don’t you just take some more hours to sleep because this is one of those days you can start with no rush?” I often talk to myself this way, as she will follow my command right after.

When this happens, I have two options to choose.

First, to stick my body on the bed, so that I can fall asleep again though I know that I will wake up to headache for sleeping at the day (the reason why I also don’t do an afternoon nap).
Second, I will get off of the bed and start the day. Go reading some books, watching some movies, go buying some cakes or snacks to eat, cleaning up the room, playing some good music, or sending text to some friends to ask them out which they mostly will reply after 1 pm because it’s holiday.

I often think if I might twist this habit, my days-off will be better spent and more beautiful. Therefore I envy those who can wake up at 10 or 12, enjoying their lazy holiday.

How about your sleeping habit? Is that possible to do the change?

PS : Oh I forgot when was the last time I make a post for BEC until Ryan sent me a message. Soooo sorry, Ryan. I’d do better next time with the post! *promise* 🙂

EF #13 – Sport to Stay Healthy

Badminton for the win!

In my family, badminton is our most favorite sport. I play but not that good, my brothers also play (so good). I don’t know which reason that cause this situation. Is it my brothers who made this sport as the one we enjoy the most, or is it the sport which later made my brothers had seriously taken a step in this sport. Let me tell you the story.

I have two brothers who were badminton athletes back when they were young. (Yes, when they both were in junior and senior high school, now they are father of many smart kids). They played badminton, joined many competitions, won the games and prizes for the regional, national, and even international competitions. They used to be the part of Indonesia Badminton Federation (PBSI) players in our hometown. They passed quite hard exercises everyday before started the training. My dad and I watched their games few times, they shared me the stories and my dad kept some of news published on a local newspaper which have their names on it. I read, smiled, and thought of ‘How cool they are!’. I had a memory when I dreamed of being the next Susi Susanti because seeing my brothers’ plays on the court. 🙂

Following the story, we always spared time to watch the badminton games on television. When one of them had a chance to watch the Olympic Games in Australia on 2004 (?), my dad and I stared at the TV to see if my brother probably had a chance to go in frame. And I saw him appeared on the TV, for less than a second. The same things also happened during the Thomas and Uber Cup seasons. My dad gave his vote to China who has the best players in the world, my brothers were more objective to choose the best one which was different for each game, while I often gave my vote to Indonesian player or ones who looked … handsome (I adored Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat). When the game was about to start, my brothers who had already lived out of town would call my dad to remind him. Then my dad and I would watch the game together in the living room, while my mom cooked in the kitchen, gave no care for her husband and daughter who shouted here and there for each score their bids earned.

Couple years later, I worked as a journalist which then brought me to a very nice memory for my love in badminton. I was responsible for the sport pages, which one of them was BADMINTON! The center where Indonesian best players have their training was the place that I visited at least once a week. When I went there for a first time, I suddenly took a picture to my brother while played a movie on my own mind that my brother was the one had his training on the court. I met many stars which I just could see on TV when I was a kid. To name a few; Alan Budikusuma, Taufik Hidayat, and yeah, Susi Susanti! I talked to them, interviewed them, and of course took pictures with them. What a glorious chance!

The bond for badminton never dies, even until today. A week after my coming to China, I went to badminton court with some friends who also love badminton. I was so happy to be ‘back in the court’, even just to see it. To realize that I ‘played’ in the country which really rules the badminton world has brought me this moment of awe. It brought back all memories from the childhood time to the time I had with dad watching the last Thomas Cup he had. My brothers still also do badminton once a week with their friends. Their sons, as far as I remember, love the game as well.

I play badminton, but not as good as Susi Susanti. I don’t even have the power to do the shot as my brothers have. But, there’s something about badminton which definitely runs into our vein ; my dads, my brothers’, and mine.

So, why Badminton? 1. Because it’s a fun game. 2. You worked all parts of your body when doing it; you run, you control the racket, you count all the shots, you keep the pace, you trust your instinct and your partner, 3. You burn your lots of fats IF you do it seriously.
As for the family, the bond we have for badminton is like : once you’re in love, you just don’t want to stop loving.


*found on my Dad’s drawer (young-brother’s on the right)


EF #7 – Remembering The Ceremony

Due to the Lunar New Year celebration, I feel guilty myself for finishing this week challenge out of deadline. It’s not that I have no time to finish this but the time passed too fast (because of many small kids coming home) before I realized that it was a Saturday already. =))

That morning, I drove my motorcycle to Pluit area to take a report on this event. Couples of children NGOs and communities came to that place to commemorate the day with the children and people who live under the flyover. I was asked to make a feature news regarding the event.

Since the highlight was about the spirit of National Awakening Day, I chose to picture the ceremony attended by the kids, Although it was held under the open air, sunlight, covered by the dust and noise of the buses’ horns, I had to say that the ceremony wasn’t held less solemnly. Of course, some kids looked busy silently playing with other kids (like any other ceremonies attended by the kids), but the rest was still a memorable ceremony. Despite the boundaries, the kids and their family still have tons of smiles to go through their life and praise this nation. That second, I knew that I had to capture this as a reminder for myself in the future whenever I feel less thankful for my life and my nation.

Who knew that beside the feature article itself, the picture below was surprisingly chosen as the headline image of the newspaper at the following day. 20 May 2013.

Happiest girl I was that day! =)

HARKITNAS MEI 2013Taken with Samsung Note 1.

PS : Anyway, I’d really like to explain more about the National Awakening Day in my own words in English, but I don’t know how to do so due to the lack of vocabulary in writing this national topic. Hence, here I attach you two references for the national day in case you don’t really get the background of what this day is about (because I do).

In English
In Indonesian

Any of you who has stories about Hari Kebangkitan Nasional? I’d love to hear yours.

Last but not least, Happy Lunar New Year for you who celebrate. =)

EF #6 – Alter Ego (-Less)

Today’s BEC topic is quite a challenge because I have no idea what it is about and what my alter-ego is. Really. I have no idea.

Wikipedia said that alter ego is “our second-self”.
Urban DIctionary said that alter ego is “someone you’re usually not”.

Although I’ve searched for the definitions from several sources, I have to admit that it’s still hard for me to get the idea of alter ego. Is it a subject? Is it an attitude? Is it a form of something? Thus, I will just define alter ego as a kind of person that someone really wants to be. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I love Carrie Bradshaw very much. Yes, that main role on Sex and the City TV series. I love her for her look, personality, occupation, love life, friendship, and everything. I remember how I tried to copy her look back when I was in college. Started from the hairstyle, the dress, the shoes, the heels. Of course, I failed. How can I afford Manolo Blahnik when all I can afford for lunch was nasi warteg. Instead of being Carrie Bradshaw, I was more into a-teenage-who-trapped-in-a-weird-look-because-of-her-love-for-Carrie. Poor me. =D

I didn’t stop loving Carrie afterward. I followed her path to be a writer. I didn’t write a book, I worked in a media, as a journalist. Part of me always thought of the way she wrote her column as spotted on many scenes, back when I was doing my article. Besides, I tried to find three good friends and had a good chat with them in a convenient coffee shop, following Carrie and her three besties, Samantha-Charlotte-Miranda. Until today, I try to live my life as Carrie who believed that there was always a good thing she got after the mess she’d made in life. Carrie wrote it down in her column, and I write it down here, sometimes, in my blog.

Do I finish here? No, I don’t.

I am still not satisfy with my first point of view about alter ego. There should be another explanation about what my alter ego is. There has to be.

Journalist are not allowed to make any assumption and to put their own opinions about the news they report. Therefore, journalist have to ask for an opinion or analysis from the capable sources. In this way, they are allowed to speak their mind through another person’s opinion.

Regarding the ethic, I won’t put my own assumption about my alter ego, include the one I’ve said above. So, I took in a personality quiz from Playbuzz.com to see how computer can take me out of my curiosity.


Instead of having Carrie as my alter ego…


The result of the quiz had this as my alter ego…

Alter EgoAm I done here? No, I am not.
I am getting more confused about with the result. =D

Now I am wondering…

Can someone just live with no alter ego?

EF #5 – BEC the New Buddy

Few weeks ago, I saw Mas Dani‘s post about BEC. This linked me to Mas Ryan and others members blogs who gladly welcome me joining this Blog English Club.

The more I read the post, the more I knew that this is a group that I shouldn’t miss. Why? Because, aside from the goal to improve our writing ability in English, it’s really a pleasure to be in the middle of a group which share a same interest as you. As for us now, the interest in English. So, I sent an email to Mbak Nita straight away and here I am being a part of the group. =)

Following the number I put in each post for English Friday, five weeks of togetherness with the group has made me think of few things.

You can learn everywhere

I believe that the passion to learn a new thing will never do us wrong. Here I am talking about the situation when someone has too many excuses when it comes to learn something. “I don’t have time“, “I don’t have money”, and bla bla bla. I love learning languages. And the existence of this group assures me that I can learn anywhere at anytime, as long as the willingness to learn is there.

It’s okay not to be okay

Don’t be shy for making mistakes. This is one of the basic rules that always be underlined in this club. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we have a learning session where everybody can ask anything about English to the mentors who will gladly explain. It doesn’t have to be done in English. We can speak Indonesian at our convenience and shouldn’t be afraid for using a wrong vocabulary or making an ungrammatical sentence. Thus, no one’s allowed to laugh at others’ mistakes because this is core of the group. To learn English together. And when it comes to learning, making mistakes is tolerable. The more mistakes you’ve made, the more lessons you’ve learned. Life works this way as well, isn’t it? =)

Fun Friday

It’s funny how a week spent pretty fast lately. I don’t know it is the group or the sign that I enjoy life at its most recently. But, there comes a tiny happiness to welcome my recent Fridays. Aside from the fact that Friday is the call for a weekend, I am also glad to think of an idea to write for this Friday Challenge. It feels like once I finish writing, I can reward myself with a perfect weekend. Oh this is really just an excuse I made to spend more on weekend. Hehe. But, really, I do enjoy the challenge.


I do not talk much in the WhatsApp group but this will be the group I will visit, especially during the learning session, when I have finished my works. Here I notice that we have become friends although we haven’t met each other in a real life. Some look so excited when sharing their interests in books, food recipes, tips, or even arranging a time to meet up. Members also come from many cities and (even) countries. I take this as the greatest thing from Blog English Club. It doesn’t just unite people with the same interest in English, but it gives us a great opportunity to meet many new friends from a different world with a different background of works and educations.

All we should appreciate is definitely the mentors and admins who have voluntarily spent their heart, mind, time and energy for this club. It is not an easy thing to do though, moreover with more than a hundred members (am I right?).

So, here I’d like to say thank you, especially for all admins, for making this club real for us who are dying to improve our English in millennial ways, by using blog and instant messenger. You have given your best to improve this community and what you have done so far is beyond good even the club’s age is less than 2 months. Thus, I have nothing to complain.

And yes, I am proud to be a part of this club and see how the club is gradually moving.

I am sure that this group will grow bigger.

Bravo BEC! =)