EF #2 – My Wildest Dream

Please accept my apology to skip EF#1. Last week was full of works after a week of absence. So, instead of rushing the post, I decided to skip it. Yet, I have thought of my word for 2015 after reading few members' posts. I have already had the word in mind, I just have to... Continue Reading →

How Far Will You Go?

Humans of New York "If you could give one piece of advice to a large group of people? What would it be?" "Follow your dreams." "Did you follow your dreams?" "Well, I started as a copy boy for the Daily News, going to school at night. And eventually I became editor of the New York... Continue Reading →

Dari Harry Turun ke Hati

Sejujurnya saya belum pernah berkhayal untuk bisa mengunjungi Inggris, sampai saya mengenal Harry Potter. *** Ya, perkenalan dengan Harry meninggalkan banyak cerita ‘pertama’  bagi saya. Untuk pertama kalinya, saya bisa membaca buku dengan tebal hampir 400 halaman, dalam waktu kurang dari satu bulan. Untuk pertama kalinya, saya yang tidak pernah percaya dengan kekuatan lain (di luar kekuatan manusia),... Continue Reading →

Kids Can Win

“I wish the players every success in the future. You know how good you are, you know the jersey you're wearing, you know what it means to everyone here and don't ever let yourself down. The expectation is always there.” Demikian kalimat penutup yang disampaikan oleh Sir Alex Ferguson dalam pidato terakhirnya sebagai manajer kesebelasan... Continue Reading →

Mini Yellow Taxi

I am a typical person who has this pleasure seeing picture people specially captured (actually mostly was by request), at a place which means so much to me. This one was one of them, taken by Putri, back when she went to Manhattan, United States, represented her college for Model United Nation conference. It was February 9th 2012.    The mini... Continue Reading →


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