EF #27 – Habit You Wish to Change in Life

Sleeping is one of the most delightful things to do. Thank God I have no trouble either sleeping, or waking up. I am a morning person. My body clock will automatically wake me up at 6 or 7, everyday. Yeah, EVERYDAY. Even when the alarm hasn't ring the bell. Even when I sleep at 3... Continue Reading →

EF #13 – Sport to Stay Healthy

Badminton for the win! In my family, badminton is our most favorite sport. I play but not that good, my brothers also play (so good). I don't know which reason that cause this situation. Is it my brothers who made this sport as the one we enjoy the most, or is it the sport which... Continue Reading →

EF #7 – Remembering The Ceremony

Due to the Lunar New Year celebration, I feel guilty myself for finishing this week challenge out of deadline. It's not that I have no time to finish this but the time passed too fast (because of many small kids coming home) before I realized that it was a Saturday already. =)) That morning, I... Continue Reading →

EF #6 – Alter Ego (-Less)

Today's BEC topic is quite a challenge because I have no idea what it is about and what my alter-ego is. Really. I have no idea. Wikipedia said that alter ego is "our second-self". Urban DIctionary said that alter ego is "someone you're usually not". Although I've searched for the definitions from several sources, I... Continue Reading →

EF #5 – BEC the New Buddy

Few weeks ago, I saw Mas Dani's post about BEC. This linked me to Mas Ryan and others members blogs who gladly welcome me joining this Blog English Club. The more I read the post, the more I knew that this is a group that I shouldn't miss. Why? Because, aside from the goal to... Continue Reading →


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