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EF #4 – Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

Before going any further, I have to tell you that my week accidentally turned out as a Doraemon Week. Here I'll tell you briefly. I am currently an active participant of a Buddhist youth organization in Pontianak. Every month, we make an annual event participated by almost 30 teenagers ranging from age 10 to 20 … Continue reading EF #4 – Doraemon’s Magic Pocket

EF #3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life

One smart phone, one tablet, one laptop, one camera. I guess those are all gadgets which I have and use the most. Meanwhile, I have never thought of adding more. Despite the high cost to spend on gadgets, fortunately, my life is still good by the presence of those four things. From scale 1 to 10, I … Continue reading EF #3 – How Gadgets Affect My Life

EF #2 – My Wildest Dream

Please accept my apology to skip EF#1. Last week was full of works after a week of absence. So, instead of rushing the post, I decided to skip it. Yet, I have thought of my word for 2015 after reading few members' posts. I have already had the word in mind, I just have to … Continue reading EF #2 – My Wildest Dream