Teman Ngobrol

Selain keberadaan kuota dan jaringan internet yang mumpuni untuk bisa jualan dari rumah, live streaming film, nonton tutorial Youtube masak-masak atau gunting rambut, menurut saya ngobrol juga satu kebutuhan penting untuk manusia jaman sekarang. Saya sudah tinggal di kota baru ini sekitar 1,5 tahun. Kayaknya saya pernah cerita ya, temen saya di sini tu dikit […]


Sampai Jumpa Lagi

Bulan ini, saya merayakan banyak momen penting. Satu, 3 tahun perjalanan saya dengan kantor sekarang. Dua, saya merayakan ulang tahun pertama saya dengan kepala 3 akhir pekan ini. Sehari setelahnya, saya akan menutup 3 tahun perjalanan saya di kantor ini. Apa rasanya? Waw. Nano-nano, kalau kata penyiar radio. Manis, pedes, pahit, kalau dipikir malam-malam sebelum […]

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Before May

Good moments don’t come often and tonight I feel like framing it here.  These are few good things happened this year. Such a short reminder about how these pass 5 months have been well-spent with many lovely people. Well-spent enough that the small cracks shouldn’t tear you down. Life is good and better when you have a way to embrace […]

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She’s Getting Hitched!

The idea of committing a life with your partner (or what the society called “marriage”) can easily frightened me. Thus, deep bow to those who finally get that stage after whatever things happen in their relationship life, like two of my best friends.  Every time I went to wedding receptions, my eyes ball fall to the bride’s eyes and smile. How she sees the guests, […]


The Loss that Makes You Strong

A very dear friend of mine lost his brother few months ago because of a car accident. Last night, he lost his mother who had stayed in a hospital for about three weeks. Another relative has also lost his mother yesterday. A beloved mother, the woman whom everybody loves. Seeing the stories of birth, growth, […]