Journey to Carrie

2006, a friend told me about Sex and the City series. Being clueless about the series, and handed over a bunch of files for the complete season, I started my very first episode in my small room, lies next to the campus. 2007, started collecting Sex and The City, especially Carrie's wallpaper, saved it to my... Continue Reading →

Mini Yellow Taxi

I am a typical person who has this pleasure seeing picture people specially captured (actually mostly was by request), at a place which means so much to me. This one was one of them, taken by Putri, back when she went to Manhattan, United States, represented her college for Model United Nation conference. It was February 9th 2012.    The mini... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Being ‘Bradshaw’

Old friends should've known how I love this woman, one of the character on Sex and The City. Carrie Bradshaw. Few years back, I grabbed so many pictures of Carrie I found on the internet. The one with those glamorous green flourish pattern, and that long wavy blonde hair, That one with that pair of... Continue Reading →

About (Being) New Yorker

Reading Andy's blog today, I suddenly missed sharing dreams to friend. You know, when it came to this, me and Andy, sometimes with some others friend, could talk like few hours, with full of laughs and stupid thought.One of them, is when I started to think of me as a very cool New Yorker who... Continue Reading →

Hello, it has been almost two weeks I started my new life back in hometown. I can not lie to you that I didn't missed my previous life, especially two years back that I I've spent being a newspaper journalist. Back in 2011, I started my job as a reporter for national newspaper in Jakarta.... Continue Reading →

Desember! November!

            DESEMBER!  Selalu ada yang spesial dari bulan ini. Semua kenangan setahun terulang di hari pertama bulan keduabelas ini dimulai. Termasuk di antaranya keinginan-keinginan tahun ini, tahun lalu, dan tahun-tahun sebelumnya yang terakumulasi menjadi satu, yang kemudian menguak lagi, saat Desember kembali dimulai. Bulan pamungkas tahun ini gue habiskan dengan... Continue Reading →

Cerita kuli tinta

Jadi begini. Dari sekian banyak tulisan tidak penting yang saya tulis di sini, tampaknya sudah waktunya saya hadir dengan tulisan yang (mudah-mudahan) agak penting. Kali ini, seputar pekerjaan yang sudah saya tekuni sejak April 2011 lalu. :) Terus terang, saya tidak pernah membayangkan akan bekerja di bidang ini. Sebut saja, sejak SD atau SMP lalu. Ya,... Continue Reading →

Do you count the efforts?

I still find thing is so difficult in a new job I had this recent month.Beside all the 'don't understand' and 'confuse' things that happened almost everytime I did the job, I still got some others troubles to deal with.I don't know if it is okay for me to do a complain or not. But,... Continue Reading →

How to win?

I have just sent another letter today. And one more by tomorrow. Boy said that what I did was a gambling. Why? Because, I did not give my 100 percents yet. Am I? Hard to admit, but it's a YES. It might not be 100 percents, But I do not doubt that it's a 70%.... Continue Reading →

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