Mengenali teman

Seiring dengan bertambahnya usia,
Hati yang lebih terbuka dengan cerita ibu,
Mata yang semakin terbuka melihat tingkah ayah,
Rasa yang makin peka dengan sekeliling,
Maka gue berkesimpulan bahwa,
Hidup di dunia dongeng itu sungguh tak ada,
Apalagi di dunia nyata.

Masalah dan manusia itu bersahabat.
Kalau masih jadi manusia, bersahabatlah dengan masalah.
Dengan adanya masalah, kau pun bisa jadi sahabat bagi sesama manusia.

Karena belum sampai di ujung,
Gue pun tak tahu akhirnya akan jadi bagaimana.

Jadi, lagi-lagi.
Hadapi masalah.
Coba bersahabat dengannya.
Belajar darinya.
Agar setiap detik yang berjalan tak jadi sia-sia.

tulisan dari bilik meja. rehat sejenak karena otak mampet.

One leg show

Day 5

Today is the fifth day after accident. I still got nothing to do, but laying down on bed. watching dvd, tv, calling friends, checking up twitter, facebook, eat some cakes, or drink a water. all done from bed. so, you might imagine what’s beside my bed. a drawer with everything inside.

some friends asking me ‘how’s your leg?’. I couldn’t tell you how far improvement has made. because since I couldn’t see anything on my leg, everything was still the same, except the part when I could feel my leg hurt inside, like the vain is reacting to something, which me and my brother pretend as the ‘growing bone’.

then, how do I feel now? well this might sounds corny. but I still feel sad somehow. especially everytime I think of asking someone to help me to do this and that, even a very easy thing, like taking a cloth from the lower drawer. my bad.

in time, I guess it’s time to change my mind into a positive way. by the time I couldn’t go anywhere, I might have a chance to do lots of thing that I couldn’t do before. let’s make a list.

  • watching DVD.
  • search for any information, for, scholarship (maybe?)
  • look for what’s happening around the world
  • learn how to make cookies
  • write more (inspiring) articles. ?
  • spend more time with mom and dad
  • reflect on how my life had gone so far, and what’s next
  • anyone needs stalking service? I might do one for you.

is that all?

at least, if I couldn’t do a thing outside the home, I can do many things from bed. so I wouldn’t waste too much time crying or regretting for what has happened.

life is short. if it isn’t now, then when?

at least I still have the guts to take picture

My walk

Among friends, I was known as Vinny-who-walk-faster-than-others. Some of them shouted out loud, some grabbed my hand to slower me down, and a man told me once “eh jangan lupa, bawa rombongan ni“.

Yeah that’s me and my feet.

Last Wednesday morning, I was about to go to work. All was ready. Uniform on, bag, breakfast, all were wraped. Then, I went upstairs to take plastic drawers down my dad’s room. So, with the drawer on the right hand, bag on the left, and my regular walk speed, my foot was flipped!

I was freezing for 5 seconds, stayed on the pose, my mom was down there, looked at me. I tried to walk back, but, I couldn’t feel anything on my right leg but extremely pain. I know, I wouldn’t walk.

Then, I move my but down (ngesot) ’til I get the second floor and jumped right off to my bed. My mom called ‘bibi tukang pijat’, who came 30 mins later.

Next thing I know about the bibi thing is totally sick. I crumbled like crazy, cried, held the pillow tight while I screamed.

The next day, I went to x-ray my leg. After saw the result, doctor said that the bone, right below my little toe, is broken, torn into two. The move wasn’t far, but it still shocked me off .

At that time, I still pretend myself that everything was fine. Whereas I asked the doctor about the solution, which could be surgury or get my legs gips.

When I sat down, while my mom bought the medicine, I cried alone like baby who lose his toys.

So, here we go. My leg was officialy gips-ed.


A month from now, I have to walk with 2 sticks, which is hard to walk with, especially when I have to go up or down (my room is at the 2nd floor). I have to wait for the bone to naturally grow itself and tight the broken part into one (back).

Well, it’s never been easy to walk not with your own feet. I have to call mom, dad, or brother, everytime I need a thing out of reach.

How I wish I could step my feet back like the old time. Walk fast like no one couldn’t catch me or heard my friends shout my name because I was far too far from them.

I want to walk back soon. I want to go back to work. I want to take the angkot and wait for the busway. I want to drive the car. I wish my foot will be back to normal like before, so I could walk fast like I did.
I really wish.

And, by this accident, I learnt how to take everything unemotionally, think twice before make a decision, and of course, be more careful. You people, don’t forget to always watch your step and love every part of your body. Be thankful for it.

Anyway, were you giving me a right x-ray result, doctor?