People Come and Go, Live It

Have you ever prepared yourself if someone you love gone from you life? Like forever, maybe.  I'm sure no one will ever do, or want to. How could you think of something so bad, when you are living the greatest time? Base on law of attraction, on The Secret, it's not a good thought. What... Continue Reading →

Of Monsters and Men I got this song this morning, while driving to my Chinese course. It was played by the most reliable radio in town (for its taste of music), Volare 103,4 FM. Of Monsters and Men - Love, Love, Love Well, maybe I'm a crook for stealing your heart away Yeah, maybe I'm a crook... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s daughter

I'd regularly talk to dad these two days. Perhaps because he stayed there alone, without mom, who's having a tour with my brother.Dad is one of the most talkative man I've known in life. By the call we made few minutes ago, he told me about how he missed my brothers when he had to... Continue Reading →

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