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[Film] Netflix | Someone Great

From: Jenny To: Nate Do you think I can have one more kiss? I'll find closure on your lips and then I'll go. Maybe also one more breakfast, one more lunch, And one more dinner I'll be full and happy, And we can part. But in between meals, Maybe we can lie in bed one … Continue reading [Film] Netflix | Someone Great

[Movie] Collateral Beauty

"What is your why?”- Howard Inlet Sebagai pecinta Will Smith, tentu saja film ini jadi inceran sejak dirilis di biskop. Di Jakarta, tinggal beberapa saja bioskop yang masih muterin walaupun film baru dirilis awal Desember kemarin. Secara review sih banyak yang bilang kurang, tapi ya ndak apa. Biarkan kata rating.  Inti cerita Collateral Beauty ini adalah tentang … Continue reading [Movie] Collateral Beauty


Would it be better if we live in a world where lies don’t exist since people never know HOW to do it? This is the introduction given on the movie opening followed with the credit title. “The credit that no one cares about,” said the narration, confirming the fact that most of us left the … Continue reading [Movie] THE INVENTION OF LYING

The Fault in Our Stars OST

Before listening, prepare yourself for the upcoming gloomy mood (or day). :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11XImcFg5u4 So you brought out the best of me, A part of me I'd never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens. Movie scheduled to be released on July 10.