Apel tergigit

Belakangan, gue agak kesal dengan salah seorang teman. Alasannya keanak-anakan sih. Yang bersangkutan tidak menghubungi gue sama sekali, di masa sakit gue ini. Berawal dari sana, muncul praduga 'air susu dibalas air tuba', atas tindakannya. Ya, seperti yang sudah disebut di atas. Masalah di atas bukan problem besar. Untuk apa menuntut balasan orang, jika dulu... Continue Reading →

The beep

The smile appears everytime he crosses your mind, Heart's beating everytime his name appears on your phone screen, The time when you’re actually nervous everytime he holds your hand, And a moment how you wish him to stay longer when he’s about to leave. Is that real?

How evil are you?

Wiseman said that bad thing always come with a good one. Why? Because you could define the good, when it's compared to bad. That's why we have terms black and white, yin and yang, positive and negative, and so on. Base on theories above, we, human, also should believe that we do have those both... Continue Reading →


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