Cerita kuli tinta

Jadi begini. Dari sekian banyak tulisan tidak penting yang saya tulis di sini, tampaknya sudah waktunya saya hadir dengan tulisan yang (mudah-mudahan) agak penting. Kali ini, seputar pekerjaan yang sudah saya tekuni sejak April 2011 lalu. :) Terus terang, saya tidak pernah membayangkan akan bekerja di bidang ini. Sebut saja, sejak SD atau SMP lalu. Ya,... Continue Reading →

Do you count the efforts?

I still find thing is so difficult in a new job I had this recent month.Beside all the 'don't understand' and 'confuse' things that happened almost everytime I did the job, I still got some others troubles to deal with.I don't know if it is okay for me to do a complain or not. But,... Continue Reading →

How to win?

I have just sent another letter today. And one more by tomorrow. Boy said that what I did was a gambling. Why? Because, I did not give my 100 percents yet. Am I? Hard to admit, but it's a YES. It might not be 100 percents, But I do not doubt that it's a 70%.... Continue Reading →

In state of sanity

Last few days had been passed with a hang out, and full-of-thought chit chat with friends. And, here comes this one which had disctract my mine since last night. When will I get satisfy with what I've been doing? I know that wise man will say that, "Don't get yourself feel satisfy too early, because... Continue Reading →

Have you ever

... think of waking up and being somebody else? I do. Alot. Even when I’m still awake. Kebiasaan ini dimulai sejak gue menonton video klip “Lucky”, Britney Spears, yang hits jaman SD dulu. Di video ini, ceritanya si Britney (lupa-lupa ingat ceritanya) itu superstar. Tentunya sebagai artis, dia sangat disorot. Bangun pagi aja udah ada... Continue Reading →


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