One leg show

Day 5 Today is the fifth day after accident. I still got nothing to do, but laying down on bed. watching dvd, tv, calling friends, checking up twitter, facebook, eat some cakes, or drink a water. all done from bed. so, you might imagine what's beside my bed. a drawer with everything inside. some friends … Continue reading One leg show

My walk

Among friends, I was known as Vinny-who-walk-faster-than-others. Some of them shouted out loud, some grabbed my hand to slower me down, and a man told me once "eh jangan lupa, bawa rombongan ni". Yeah that's me and my feet. Last Wednesday morning, I was about to go to work. All was ready. Uniform on, bag, … Continue reading My walk

#1 ‘Finally’ Trip

selamat siang dan salam sejahtera untuk semua. akhirnya kesampean juga hasrat ngeblog yang terpending dari kemarin. bukan kenapa-kenapa sih. sekarang begitu nyampe rumah jam 8 atau 9, udah kagak sanggup begadang lagi, men. ngantuk bener rasanya. masa' iya umur segini udah tersandung faktor "U'? oh no! karena itu, di sela-sela kesibukan menjelang weekend, apapun yang … Continue reading #1 ‘Finally’ Trip

You name it ‘stuck’. I name it?

Here goes my bad Thursday (again). Tons of work to wrap. No one helping. As if no one cares. No idea comes out. Writer named it 'blockwriter'. But, I guess mine isn't the same. It just blocked. Ice block? Mind block? Soul block? Passion block? Hahaha. (now I feel like a fool). Because the more … Continue reading You name it ‘stuck’. I name it?